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7th Grade Poetry

Goals and Outcomes:
  • Students practice various writing strategies (such as tone, personification, imagery) through reading and writing poetry.
  • Students will take pride in their writing.

Performance Objectives:
  • Students will read and write different poems using elements of poetry.
  • Students will create a poetry project which compiles and showcases the work they have done in this unit.
Destiny's poetry project - she completed the poster option
Ryan's poetry project - he completed the PowerPoint option.
Lai's poetry project - he completed the PowerPoint version.
"Cooking in The Kitchen"
(Imagery Poem)

by Arielle

Cooking in the kitchen with her apron on.
Watching the meat sizzle in the pan.

Smelling the sweet smell of potatoes
wrapped in bacon.
Putting silver forks out on the table.

Hearing the news spokesman talking on TV.
Getting plates out of the cupboard.

Setting the plates on all four spots of the table.
hearing the knife hitting the cutting board as
she cuts the tomatoes.

Finished food being put on plates.
Everybody sits down and enjoys the great
big meal of taco soup.
(Personification Poem)

by Inderdeep

I saw Madness yesterday
She was furious
she was ranting and was
dressed like a hag
I saw her raged and angry
And made screeching noises
And I felt frightened

"Soup and Chopsticks"
(Dialog Poem)

by Luke Hutchins

Soups looks at chopsticks and says
"You know I'm gettin' cold?"
No response from chopsticks,
Chopsticks looks blankly at soup,
Soup says, "Sometimes I feel like
I'm just talking to a piece of wood."
Chopsticks said, "well I have feelings
too, you know."
"I hate you."
"I hate you."
Man walks up to soup and chopsticks,
Man puts chopsticks in soup.
"I hate you."
"I hate you, too." said chop sticks.
Map puts bowl of soup into dirty sink,
Chopsticks yells, "I'm the last man standing!"
Man throws chopsticks in trash can.
"Ha!" soup laughs.
"Inderdeep Poem"
by Inderdeep

My name is Inderdeep
But to others it is the word deep
I got my name form my Mom and Dad
My Dad came up with Inder,
my Mom Deep

My name makes me think of NYC

It smells like fried chicken
It tastes like bean and cheese dip

When I say it I feel like
I'm running in wind
It sounds regular and nice
But feels like it was magically chosen
I was born in late October.

Kateyi's poetry project - she completed the PowerPoint option.